Welcome to the unique and vibrant world of PlanetCase. Enjoy your stay as you study the wondrous variety of environments and species throughout our globe. Come for the Planet, stay for the Case.

Common Species:

ABC | Aaron | humorius sarcastica

Primarily preying on the dimwitted and humorless, this dangerous draconic creature makes its home in the forest region of PlanetCase.
His last known affiliations were with the AtWork Systems faction of Northern Virginia in nearby Earth as a Sr. UX Designer, as well as supreme commanding author of his own rebel faction blog, AaronCase.live.
He has a seemingly unquenchable appetite for movies, computers and games, fantasy|sci-fi|war|spy novels, and various musical tastes from Megadeth to Missy Elliott to Machines of Loving Grace to Mozart.
Beware this animal's collection of extreme gadgetry.

CRC | Cindy | majorium nicea hoticus

This phoenix creature's habitual pleasant nature is both enjoyable and unexpected in the tumultuous Eastern Sea region of PlanetCase.
This species is only female and typically propagates through life-mating with humorius sarcastica.
Distinguishing characteristics include an instinctual need and ability to teach the planet's 2nd Grade offspring and periodic migrations to other regions of the planet for leisure.

MKC | Miri | sketchia tremendus cutecus

This equine creature's natural state is with pencil or Surface stylus in hoof, endlessly drawing the species of nearby Earth. She typically stalks her prey stealthily, then rapidly draws them in their environment, absorbing their life-energy as nourishment.
Distinguishing characteristics include an endless need to draw. She enjoys singing, reading, playing games, and watching movies with her gene pool donors and sibling species.
View her artwork on MiriCase.com.

RJC | Raven | vocalus majora adorabus

This creature's defensive measures are both formidable and surprising. Through ear piercing screams and an insistence that they are the ruler of PlanetCase, this little Fairy stalks their prey along the coast of The River Potomac. Their prey stands no chance against the stun of their voice, then while immobilized, eaten.
Distinguishing characteristics include an immense love of the animals of nearby Earth. They enjoy singing loudly, and watching TV shows repeatedly with their sibling species, so that they can quote each from beginning to end while humming the musical score and acting out key events. Beware!

HC | Hazel | cochlea perforatus eternia

Don't be fooled by this creature's abundant open smiles and playful demeanor.
This canine lives primarily on the shores of the Fiery Seas in western PlanetCase. Luring prey into his attack radius by appearing as a helpless puppy, she paralyzes them with a shattering howl that both immobilizes them and makes them cry like babies. She then tortures them with endless YouTube videos.
Distinguishing characteristics include playing games and laughing. She enjoys watching movies with her gene pool donors and sibling species.