Case Family 2011 Summary
My Life in the Last Six Months
New Luminae Web Site
Procrastination Is My Middle Name
Barley-Black Bean Salad
New House & Painting
I Just Had My 5th Birthday
Website Design & Music Composition
Stuff Happening Recently
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ABC | Aaron

humorius sarcastica


Primarily preying on the dimwitted and humorless, this dangerous draconic creature makes its home in the forest region of PlanetCase.


His last known affiliations were with the Meblourne IT faction of Northern Virginia in nearby Earth as a Sr. Web Developer, as well as supreme commander of his own rebel Web development faction, Luminae Interactive.

Distinguishing characteristics include a seemingly unquenchable appetite for movies|BluRays, computers and games, fantasy|sci-fi|war|spy novels, and various musical tastes from Megadeth to Missy Elliott to Machines of Loving Grace to Mozart. Beware this animal's collection of extreme gadgetry.